Friday, 11 November 2011


Feelings. We've all got them. Sometimes we don't know what to do with them or how to change them. And sometimes we shouldn't (change them). But we should all talk about them. And we should definitely teach our kids about feelings. I do with my son all the time. Talk about them that is.

Watch this little video (it only goes for 1:57) with littlies. Or just watch it on your own. It's a super cute stop motion animation by Hine Mizushima.  He's a super talented Japanese dude living in Canada.

And while you're at it, check out some of his other work

via here
via here
via here
Have a happy Friday and enjoy the weekend lovelies.  I'll be doing more work in the shop and going to my son's 6th birthday party. Yes I said GOING to. No clean-up for me!

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