Monday, 12 September 2011

Friday's events

My dear lovelies, do I have a quick story for you today.  I seem to be having endless entertainment in my life of late.

On Thursday afternoon whilst picking up my monkey from school, his teacher asked if we were coming to the parents and children class breakfast on Friday morning.  I didn’t think that it was a big deal, but apparently it was.  So I put a quick call into work to tell them I’d be coming in later than usual so that I could attend the breakfast the next day.  That afternoon we made some mini tartlets to take with us the next morning.  All in a day, really.

We arrived at the breakfast all fine, but about 10 mins before I was due to leave, we heard a loud thud.  Then I heard some crying.  As I surveyed the room to see which poor kid had hurt themselves, I struggled to see through the crowd of parents who had nestled in around a child on the floor.  Then for a brief moment, I caught a glimpse of my child’s head through all the legs.  Of course it would be my child.  Why did I think it would be anyone else’s?

I quickly shuffled my way over to him and as the sea of parents parted to let me through, one of the teachers said to my Jaxon “let me see” and pulled his clasping hands away from his head.  Then all we saw was blood. More than I’m used to seeing with the usual scraped knees and cut fingers.  Ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves an injury.  The rest is a bit of a blur, but goes something like this.

Head straight to the infirmary, head bandaged (his not mine), stop on the way back to collect his school bag to chat with mums who had witnessed the episode, hop in the car and drive to hospital, run out of petrol a couple of blocks from the hospital, it starts to hail, nice man stops to help push my car off one of the busiest roads in Melbourne, walk in the rain with bandaged child, arrive at hospital and get told they don’t treat children there, but they make an exception and “glue his head back together” (in Jaxon’s words), leave hospital, husband arrives with a can of petrol, start car and drive straight to service station to FILL it up, drive home and exhale.

I have no doubt that this will be the first of many hospital trips I will be making with my very active (and even more clumsy) child.

So what interesting things did you get up to on Friday or over the weekend?

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