Monday, 10 October 2011

things to do on the school holidays

We were lucky enough to send Jaxon to Brisbane for school holidays.  I say lucky enough because with the way things are financially these days, you're lucky to fork out enough money to do anything remotely entertaining with kids during school holidays.  

We have family who live in the sunshine state and they don't get to spend nearly enough time with their only grandchild, so he's always spoilt rotten whenever they're together.

So I'm not going to tell you about what to do with kids on the school holidays.  Oh no.  This is a rather different story about how to spend your holidays if you're lucky enough to be child-free.  Maybe use it as a things to do and things NOT to do kind of guide.

WARNING: the following post includes some photos of food which may offend some readers. If you find food offensive, we ask that you look away.

ladybirds in jar (none were harmed)
IKEA ball pit
chicken roti at Queen Victoria Market
making polish pierogi
pierogi up close
zines at space invaders exhibition
space invaders exhibition
mixed berry, white chocolate and almond torte
Lindt cafe hot chocolate
Europa cakes through window on Acland Street, St Kilda

  • Travel interstate with five year old whilst you're sick with bronchitis and the flu (I had a photo to share, but it's not pretty so I left it out).
  • Wonder whether you're actually going to make it onto the flight or if you'll be stopped by quarantine or border patrol.
  • Cancel ALL plans in your home state because you're so sick you feel as though you're going to cough up a lung.
  • Attend your mothers' birthday party periodically wearing a surgical mask to protect innocent bystanders from catching a horrible deathly sickness. Watch for strange side glances from party guests.
  • Eat home made Polish Pączki for breakfast
  • Spend four days on your mother's couch wishing you were back at home in the comforts of your own surrounds.
  • Catch a large pickle-sized-jar full of ladybirds. Ladybugs. Lady-beetles. Whatever they're called. Lots of them. Last count = 36.
  • Travel back home and go back to work for four days whilst preparing your home for the arrival of your mother and safe return of your child.
  • Watch a movie with your husband or significant life partner while indulging in some quiet, blissful and uninterrupted couple time.
  • Paint. A wall, a canvas or a piece of furniture. Whatever tickles your fancy. In my case, I painted a wall (in le shop).
  • Eat something strange and not child friendly for dinner, such as 5 bean mix and tuna. Because you can. And because you don't have to satisfy fussy little taste buds.
  • Don't do four loads of washing a day. I dare you.
  • Explore the new mega IKEA at Springvale and do something completely out of character like taking the child to the kids playground and watch them enjoy themselves in the ball pit without turning a thought to the possible disasters which line the floor of the ball pit.
  • Make pierogi with your mum. Or just let her do most of the pierogi-making while you go to the Space Invaders exhibit with your significant life partner (read: cash in on some free baby-sitting while you still can).
  • Take many awesome photos at the Space Invaders exhibit before being told that "you're not allowed to take photos in here". Oops. Sorry.
  • Check out the Queen Vic Market and peruse the many Ugg Boot, cheap plastic knock-off licensed toys, even cheaper looking clothes, fresh produce and bric-a-brac galore. Eat lots of yummy things including a chicken roti.
  • Get up really early and hit the Camberwell Rotary Market (read: the best flea market in Melbourne and possibly Australia). Pick up a brand new dusty blue mohair top with black velvet buttons for $5 with the added bonus of it's previous owner never actually wearing it since its original purchase.
  • Scenic drive to Tyabb to indulge in vintage wares, antiques and food including a splendid mixed berry, white chocolate and almond torte, buttery, crusty, ham and cheese croissant and english breakfast tea (not in that order). Yep. I said torte.
  • Introduce your mum to the delights of the Lindt Cafe
  • Visit the Europa Cake Shop in St Kilda and take in the scrumptious scents of sugary goodness.
And that my friends is how you spend two weeks of school holidays. I may not be in school, but school holidays are very much a part of my life now that I have a school-aged child in my company.

And today, the end of the school holidays, I have one more little luxury. A new modem arrived today which means connectivity to the outside world again. At high speed. So you'll be seeing lots more of me.

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