Friday, 22 July 2011

making my mark

the result of my first stamp carving attempt
Last night I attended a stamp carving class with fellow Southside Brown Owls run by the lovely Holly of Two Cheese Please which was graciously hosted by Kat at Windsor Deli.  Yep, that's a mouthful and a few links for you to check out too!

As per usual when lots of creative ladies meet up, there's lots of chatting, eating and drinking.  However last night there were many pauses of silence as each of us concentrated on not slicing our fingertips off with the very sharp scalpel-like tool.
Shannon's adorable owl
Each of us had to come up with a design, sketch it, transfer it onto the rubber and then carve away until we got a raised surface which would hold up to stamping with colourful inks.
Tess' impressive geometric formation
There were owls, geometric designs, and many earthy designs amongst last nights bunch of first-timers. And the majority of us managed to get two stamps completed by the end of the night.
yarn ball complete with knitting needles
I made a little house for me and then a skull for the boy-child, which he loves!
Lisa's very organic looking design
So, have I found a new craft you ask? Hell yeah! Loved it. To me it's kinda like embroidery... you really have to concentrate on what you're doing so that you're fairly precise with the channels or lines which you make.  Plus you have to try to keep all your fingers in tact. 
Cindy's happy rain clouds
Have you tried stamp carving before?  It's highly therapeutic and rewarding! If you haven't tried it, you should totally give it a try. You can buy a kit from here complete with rubber, carving tool and instructions.  

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