Monday, 8 March 2010

one down and two to go

I sold at my very first market on Saturday and I have to say I did ok.  For a market that's mostly full of second-hand and preloved wares, my handmade goodies did well.

I have committed myself to selling at three different markets before I decide whether markets are for me or not.

Two days before my first market I was stressing as I thought I wouldn't have enough stock and that my stall would look a little bare, however it looked great on the day.  

Two days before, I also received a call from Mathilda's Market saying that I'd been selected for their 'Fabulous Finds' program and that if I were interested they had a spot for me next Sunday at Hawthorn Town Hall. 

How could I say no?
How would I make enough stock in time?
Would I have enough time to get everything prepared?
Is my stuff really good enough for Mathilda's?
What have I gotten myself into?

so, I've committed myself to market #2 - Mathilda's Market

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  1. well done you ... your samples always look so nice ... but no photos of how good the tabler looks.


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